All Going To Watch

The new brother from haze him had a night he won’t forget too soon. The freshman had to go through hell and back to get into the frat house. Well one of those dares included some public humiliation and by that we mean blowing everyone’s dick in front of the entire frat house. These new guys are so desperate to get into a frat house that they would do literally everything that might cross your mind. Don’t get us wrong, we really enjoy seeing them getting down and dirty and the older guys love playing with their limits.

These kinds of public displays are a must in their process and each time they make sure that they totally embarrass them in front of the other guys. This was also the case and the guys decided to test his limits with a public session of cock sucking. By public we mean every single one of their frat bros was there ready to see some action. The poor guy ended up getting his mouth fucked by all the frat guys and drenched in jizz. To make it even more embarrassing the guy was completely naked while doing it. You gotta check out the entire haze him scene because as you know these fraternity gay guys don’t play around and each and every thing they are going to deliver their best work. Enjoy it and we’ll back with more hazehim scenes tomorrow!


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