Based On Your BJ

The frat guys are back with another great haze him scene. This time we have more fraternity guys involved in it and a poor freshman there to please them all and blow their dicks. These frat guys love having new guys around the house, it makes their lives so much easier. These guys are good for everything, from cleaning to shopping and to dumping their loads on them. They have them on rotation, but all of them get the same treatment. Below you get to see one of them frat guys in action as he was trying to please his older frat brothers. If you want to live under their roof you gotta put the work in for it. No one is going to keep them there without them putting the effort in it.

The other day while the guys where enjoying the game, they called one of the new guys to help them relax. Not that they are too stressed, because let’s face it life’s pretty good from them but it can always get better. The poor guy went there and while the guys where watching the ball game he was busy taking all of their dicks in his filthy mouth. These new guys don’t have the easiest life in the frat house and it’s not like they don’t like doing those things anyway. See this one in action in the hazehim video below and we’ll see you here next time with more!


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