Dick Is Hard

The horny frat guys are back with another great haze him update! The jocks found a new boy toy to fuck around with. He was new to the place and needed some company and they guys where there to help him out and make him feel welcomed in the new school. They even invited him to one of their parties and offered him a room in their household. But everything has a price and he was about to find about that the hard way. After another of their great parties one of the guys was in the mood to test out their new friend so he went into his room. The new hot guy was already plastered and that made his job even easier. At least now he didn’t have to convince him and could jump right to the fun part.

This hot new guy wasn’t that new in these kind of extracurricular activities after all. He was so hammered that he was the one that actually started it all and as you can see in the preview below he was really enjoying getting his ass hammered. Everyone found out really fast what was going one upstairs, so they weren’t going to miss out the chance of hammering the new guy. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on that fine ass of his and stretch it to the limits. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more gay hazehim scenes!


See the new guy getting his fine ass slammed!