Doing Two Things

Haze him is back with more fraternity sex scenes. In this household is all about multitasking and this guy below is the best example, you must be able to take two dicks at once if you want to stay in their house. This doesn’t happen as often as we would like but when it does nothing can top it. It’s been a while since the guys picked their guys and now it was time to give them the proper welcome. The older guys love messing around with them and that involves a lot of fucking and dick sucking when you expect it the least. This new guy, for example, was in the wrong room at the wrong time. He was hurrying to get to school and couldn’t find his backpack so he started looking around the house until he ended up in the living room. Wrong room and definitely worst timing.

The older hazehim guys were in the middle of room trying to decided who they were going to fuck that afternoon and there he was waiting for the guys to pick him. He knew what was going to happen, this is really poor timing. THe guys pushed him in the middle of the room, took off his clothes and then got on his knees. Surprisingly we hasn’t the one getting fucked this time, instead one of the guys was getting his ass stuffed while another was filling the rookie’s mouth. Multitasking at it’s finest here and you see the guy haze him!


Watch here the cute new guy getting double teamed!