Haze Him – Catching Cum

This freshman is for the first time here at haze him and we can’t wait to see him again. Being the new guy in the house can be a bit hard but if you like sucking dicks and getting jizzed this shouldn’t be a problem. Well, this guy couldn’t wait to get away from home and do whatever he wants and you can see why. The first he does once he got on the campus? Joining the biggest gay fraternity there. He knew that this was the right place for him, finally, he could be open about it and get laid as often as he wants. If only all the guys would be more like him. With this guy it’s so easy, no chasing, no punishments, he really loves getting fucked and jizzed on a daily basis.

If you checked out some of the older hazehim updates, you already know that this is all that happens around their frat house. Needless to say, the guy got everything he wished for and a bit more. The guys made him feel welcomed the best way they could and that involved blowjobs, ass fucking, threesomes, foursomes, and, of course, gangbangs. He became the house bitch in no time, they never heard him say no to someone, no matter the day of the hour. This guy surely will is on his way to becoming one of our favorite. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!


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