Haze Him – Lets Fuck

The haze him brothers are back with another hot gay fucking scene. These frat guys are always in the mood for some action and as you can see below they don’t waste too much time. Below you can check them out taking turns on nailing their asses in the dorm room. They were chilling in their dorm watching a game when one of them thought to make things a bit more interesting. Each of them was cheering for a different team so why not have a bet on them? Each guy picked his team but there was only one winner and that winner could do anything he wanted to the loser. He picked the right punishment if you’re asking us and we’re sure you guys agree with us.

College life isn’t for everyone but these guys make it look so damn easy! Well, everyone figured out what the bet was, right? The clothes came off and then the ass pounding has begun. We covered all the angles so you guys won’t miss out on anything. You gotta see these horny frat guys taking turns on stuffing one another’s ass in front of the other fraternity bros. One great thing about these guys is that they actually enjoy being in the spotlight. The more the merrier, that should be their motto! You can check them out in action in the exclusive hazehim scenes. See you guys tomorrow with more fraternity guys in some real gay sex action!


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