Haze Him – New Pledges

Haze him is back with more new pledges in this scene. The older frat guys had more fun with these guys, so during one of their meeting they lined them up completely naked and made them jerk off their dicks. The guys wanted to test them out and this seemed to be a great way to test their limits. The guys had their monthly meeting and this was the perfect way to present all the new pledges. All the new guys were invited to join them and right before they entered in the room the guys told them that they had to be naked during the entire meeting. So there you have them! All the new guys, butt naked, wanking off one another’s dick while the older guys were making fun of them. These guys have no mercy for the new guys joining their hazehim fraternity!

Don’t worry everyone in there knew that this is part of the process, no one was going to accept them in their fraternity without testing them out first. This is the part of the years that all of the older guys wait for, getting new guys and embarrass them in public places. It’s a part of their brotherhood bond. We gotta give it to them this was a pretty good idea, making them the center of attention and seeing how has what it takes to make it there. You can see the entire picture gallery below and you’ll want to see it trust us! See you next time!


Watch here these new guys wanking off one another’s dick!