Haze Him – Suck Dick

Nothing tops a nice barbecue, a few beers and some new asses to bang. At least this it what the haze him guys thought the other day. It was a while since their last party so they had a little party just for the frat brothers in their backyard. You can imagine how these parties are right? Well, you are right because all of them end the same way, ass getting fucked and dicks getting sucked all over the place. The older guys dumped all of their duties on the new guys and they had to take care of everything, from food to drinks, music and everything else that goes into a party. The did a decent job but half through the party there weren’t any beers.

They kept passing the blame from one to another, but the guys have heard enough and they weren’t going to take it anymore. Everyone stripped off, on their knees in a circle and all of the guys got to get their dicks sucked off in front of the entire household. These guys really don’t hold back from anything and the more they can embarrass them the better. Not everyone is cut off for this frat life and the guys want to find out whick one of these dumb asses has what it takes to make it. As you already know you can see it all in the gallery below and let’s us know what you think about it!


Check out the new guys blowing dicks in public!