Haze Him – The Ritual

There are a few steps that every guy has to make in order to become a haze him brother and as you advance in the process they get weirder and weirder. The preview below speaking for itself, when was the last time that you saw someone riding a traffic cone that had a dildo on top of it? Never, right? Well we got to give it to them they keep getting more and more creative with this stuff. Who would ever think about putting a dildo on top of a traffic cone and have the new guys stuff their asses with it in front of the entire fraternity. These were the last days and they had to make their pick so the guys were pretty tense about it. Last night, a bit after midnight all the new guys were expected in the backyard for their final test.

The older guys asked them to undress and join them outside. The ritual has begun and whomever passed this was accepted in the frat house, but they made it more difficult that anyone was expecting. The new guys were lined-up butt naked and kept on staring at that cone waiting for their turn. Below you got a little preview of the first guy testing out the dildo and you must see it. Being butt naked in front of everyone and then riding a traffic cone it’s not something you get to see every day but these hazehim hunks gave it their best!


Watch here this new guy dildo fucking his ass!