Haze Him – Too Good

These guys are having the best time here at the haze him gay frat house. Luckily for some these guys love recording everything if not we won’t got to see these three jocks blowing one another’s dick in the same time. This really is too good to miss. There’s a lot of  hazehim action around the house and each and every time you can find something interesting to watch. There was a meeting this morning and three guys were missing, guess where they were and what they were doing? You’re right, that’s them! One of the guys went looking after them around the house and found them sucking off their fat dicks on the floor of their room. They didn’t even hear him come or noticed him around them, geeking around with his camera turned on trying to get as much footage as possible.


He got some really good pics of them in action and a really nice video to go with it too. The poor bastards don’t have any idea that they are being recorded and that the entire frat house will see this. But leave this aside, they still had to be with the rest of the guys so right after they’ve done with one another’s dick, the guys are getting their turns on their fine ass as a punishment for missing the meeting. These guys just can’t catch a break, but we aren’t complaining. This really is too good to miss out, so make sure you guys check it out!

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