Haze Him – Wrestle Time

Nothing compares to a nice outdoor party. Great weather, lots of beers, a pool and all the haze him guys completely naked wrestling in that pool. These guys fight all the time, but we gotta give it to them, the are creative when it comes to solve them. No one actually knows what started it but their solving method got to us all. Everyone butt naked in the pool wrestling, well there’s an image that will stick with you for a while at least it’s going to stay with us for a bit. Like we said earlier everyone was naked in the improvised pool, and they had to wrestle one another, the first to fall had to blow the winner’s dick. This wrestling thing is getting more and more interesting right? We told you that these guys love playing games and the best part is that they share it with us.

We told you that these guys are on top of their game. The jocks kept of falling one after another so get ready to see a lot of dicks getting sucked off and asses getting pounded. Nothing is going to slow them down and when these guys want something they’re gonna get it one way or another. After their wrestle match was over the winners got their prize and the losers got their little asses stuffed in the backyard of the fraternity house. Enjoy the entire scene below and don’t forget to return for more steamy scenes!


Enjoy watching these frat guys hammering their asses!