It’s Fratty

Haze him is back with more frat sex scenes for you guys. One of the older guys got to try out one of the new guys and he couldn’t let him go without banging his fine little ass. These older guys really enjoy playing around with the new guys and test them out. From all the guys around the house, there was something about this one that caught his eye and he knew that he had to have him one way or other. He found out that he was having some problems so he decided to give him a hand with his problems maybe that would smooth things up between them and he was right. The guy way so grateful for all his help and now it was so much easier to get in his pants.

We told you that these hazehim guys always get what they want. Everything happened last night, after everyone went to they room, the cute new guy got a special visit. His room mate was gone so they had the room all for themselves. For the first time he didn’t want to share his fine ass with the rest of the guys. He undressed the rookie, bend him over the red couch and started stuffing his ass. He finally got what he wanted and you guys can check it out in the picture gallery below to see everything that went down there. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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