Haze Him – Too Good

These guys are having the best time here at the haze him gay frat house. Luckily for some these guys love recording everything if not we won’t got to see these three jocks blowing one another’s dick in the same time. This really is too good to miss. There’s a lot of  hazehim action around the house and each and every time you can find something interesting to watch. There was a meeting this morning and three guys were missing, guess where they were and what they were doing? You’re right, that’s them! One of the guys went looking after them around the house and found them sucking off their fat dicks on the floor of their room. They didn’t even hear him come or noticed him around them, geeking around with his camera turned on trying to get as much footage as possible.


He got some really good pics of them in action and a really nice video to go with it too. The poor bastards don’t have any idea that they are being recorded and that the entire frat house will see this. But leave this aside, they still had to be with the rest of the guys so right after they’ve done with one another’s dick, the guys are getting their turns on their fine ass as a punishment for missing the meeting. These guys just can’t catch a break, but we aren’t complaining. This really is too good to miss out, so make sure you guys check it out!

Check out these guys blowing one another’s dick!

Doing Two Things

Haze him is back with more fraternity sex scenes. In this household is all about multitasking and this guy below is the best example, you must be able to take two dicks at once if you want to stay in their house. This doesn’t happen as often as we would like but when it does nothing can top it. It’s been a while since the guys picked their guys and now it was time to give them the proper welcome. The older guys love messing around with them and that involves a lot of fucking and dick sucking when you expect it the least. This new guy, for example, was in the wrong room at the wrong time. He was hurrying to get to school and couldn’t find his backpack so he started looking around the house until he ended up in the living room. Wrong room and definitely worst timing.

The older hazehim guys were in the middle of room trying to decided who they were going to fuck that afternoon and there he was waiting for the guys to pick him. He knew what was going to happen, this is really poor timing. THe guys pushed him in the middle of the room, took off his clothes and then got on his knees. Surprisingly we hasn’t the one getting fucked this time, instead one of the guys was getting his ass stuffed while another was filling the rookie’s mouth. Multitasking at it’s finest here and you see the guy haze him!


Watch here the cute new guy getting double teamed!

Haze Him – The Ritual

There are a few steps that every guy has to make in order to become a haze him brother and as you advance in the process they get weirder and weirder. The preview below speaking for itself, when was the last time that you saw someone riding a traffic cone that had a dildo on top of it? Never, right? Well we got to give it to them they keep getting more and more creative with this stuff. Who would ever think about putting a dildo on top of a traffic cone and have the new guys stuff their asses with it in front of the entire fraternity. These were the last days and they had to make their pick so the guys were pretty tense about it. Last night, a bit after midnight all the new guys were expected in the backyard for their final test.

The older guys asked them to undress and join them outside. The ritual has begun and whomever passed this was accepted in the frat house, but they made it more difficult that anyone was expecting. The new guys were lined-up butt naked and kept on staring at that cone waiting for their turn. Below you got a little preview of the first guy testing out the dildo and you must see it. Being butt naked in front of everyone and then riding a traffic cone it’s not something you get to see every day but these hazehim hunks gave it their best!


Watch here this new guy dildo fucking his ass!

Dick Is Hard

The horny frat guys are back with another great haze him update! The jocks found a new boy toy to fuck around with. He was new to the place and needed some company and they guys where there to help him out and make him feel welcomed in the new school. They even invited him to one of their parties and offered him a room in their household. But everything has a price and he was about to find about that the hard way. After another of their great parties one of the guys was in the mood to test out their new friend so he went into his room. The new hot guy was already plastered and that made his job even easier. At least now he didn’t have to convince him and could jump right to the fun part.

This hot new guy wasn’t that new in these kind of extracurricular activities after all. He was so hammered that he was the one that actually started it all and as you can see in the preview below he was really enjoying getting his ass hammered. Everyone found out really fast what was going one upstairs, so they weren’t going to miss out the chance of hammering the new guy. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on that fine ass of his and stretch it to the limits. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more gay hazehim scenes!


See the new guy getting his fine ass slammed!

Haze Him – Suck Dick

Nothing tops a nice barbecue, a few beers and some new asses to bang. At least this it what the haze him guys thought the other day. It was a while since their last party so they had a little party just for the frat brothers in their backyard. You can imagine how these parties are right? Well, you are right because all of them end the same way, ass getting fucked and dicks getting sucked all over the place. The older guys dumped all of their duties on the new guys and they had to take care of everything, from food to drinks, music and everything else that goes into a party. The did a decent job but half through the party there weren’t any beers.

They kept passing the blame from one to another, but the guys have heard enough and they weren’t going to take it anymore. Everyone stripped off, on their knees in a circle and all of the guys got to get their dicks sucked off in front of the entire household. These guys really don’t hold back from anything and the more they can embarrass them the better. Not everyone is cut off for this frat life and the guys want to find out whick one of these dumb asses has what it takes to make it. As you already know you can see it all in the gallery below and let’s us know what you think about it!


Check out the new guys blowing dicks in public!

Breaking In Pledges

This guy was trying to dodge his chores around the house and no one was going to let that happen in the haze him household. This new guy found out why you should never piss off some of the older guys. Why? Because they might pay you a surprise visit and bang your ass and you can’t do anything about it. In every household there has to be at least one smart ass that thinks he’s better and smarter than everyone else, especially involving chores. Every new guy that stayed there had his stuff to do around the house and although it wasn’t that obvious the older guys were making sure that everyone does his part.


They gave this guy a chance, but he kept finding these lame excuses to justify him skipping home duties. The guys had enough so they had to show him what happens to guys that don’t do their part. While the haze him guy was sleeping up in his room he paid him a surprise visit and without saying a word, he took off his pants and started nailing his ass. There wasn’t anything that he could’ve done so he waited until all the frat guys dumped their loads in his fine little ass and then dressed up and went downstairs to do his chores. You can see it all below and we’ll bring you more next time! Enjoy it and see you tomorrow with another update!

Take a look at this new guy getting his fine ass drilled!

Haze Him – New Pledges

Haze him is back with more new pledges in this scene. The older frat guys had more fun with these guys, so during one of their meeting they lined them up completely naked and made them jerk off their dicks. The guys wanted to test them out and this seemed to be a great way to test their limits. The guys had their monthly meeting and this was the perfect way to present all the new pledges. All the new guys were invited to join them and right before they entered in the room the guys told them that they had to be naked during the entire meeting. So there you have them! All the new guys, butt naked, wanking off one another’s dick while the older guys were making fun of them. These guys have no mercy for the new guys joining their hazehim fraternity!

Don’t worry everyone in there knew that this is part of the process, no one was going to accept them in their fraternity without testing them out first. This is the part of the years that all of the older guys wait for, getting new guys and embarrass them in public places. It’s a part of their brotherhood bond. We gotta give it to them this was a pretty good idea, making them the center of attention and seeing how has what it takes to make it there. You can see the entire picture gallery below and you’ll want to see it trust us! See you next time!


Watch here these new guys wanking off one another’s dick!

Based On Your BJ

The frat guys are back with another great haze him scene. This time we have more fraternity guys involved in it and a poor freshman there to please them all and blow their dicks. These frat guys love having new guys around the house, it makes their lives so much easier. These guys are good for everything, from cleaning to shopping and to dumping their loads on them. They have them on rotation, but all of them get the same treatment. Below you get to see one of them frat guys in action as he was trying to please his older frat brothers. If you want to live under their roof you gotta put the work in for it. No one is going to keep them there without them putting the effort in it.

The other day while the guys where enjoying the game, they called one of the new guys to help them relax. Not that they are too stressed, because let’s face it life’s pretty good from them but it can always get better. The poor guy went there and while the guys where watching the ball game he was busy taking all of their dicks in his filthy mouth. These new guys don’t have the easiest life in the frat house and it’s not like they don’t like doing those things anyway. See this one in action in the hazehim video below and we’ll see you here next time with more!


Click here to see this freshman sucking off everyone’s dick!

Haze Him – Lets Fuck

The haze him brothers are back with another hot gay fucking scene. These frat guys are always in the mood for some action and as you can see below they don’t waste too much time. Below you can check them out taking turns on nailing their asses in the dorm room. They were chilling in their dorm watching a game when one of them thought to make things a bit more interesting. Each of them was cheering for a different team so why not have a bet on them? Each guy picked his team but there was only one winner and that winner could do anything he wanted to the loser. He picked the right punishment if you’re asking us and we’re sure you guys agree with us.

College life isn’t for everyone but these guys make it look so damn easy! Well, everyone figured out what the bet was, right? The clothes came off and then the ass pounding has begun. We covered all the angles so you guys won’t miss out on anything. You gotta see these horny frat guys taking turns on stuffing one another’s ass in front of the other fraternity bros. One great thing about these guys is that they actually enjoy being in the spotlight. The more the merrier, that should be their motto! You can check them out in action in the exclusive hazehim scenes. See you guys tomorrow with more fraternity guys in some real gay sex action!


Enjoy watching these frat guys banging their asses!

All Going To Watch

The new brother from haze him had a night he won’t forget too soon. The freshman had to go through hell and back to get into the frat house. Well one of those dares included some public humiliation and by that we mean blowing everyone’s dick in front of the entire frat house. These new guys are so desperate to get into a frat house that they would do literally everything that might cross your mind. Don’t get us wrong, we really enjoy seeing them getting down and dirty and the older guys love playing with their limits.

These kinds of public displays are a must in their process and each time they make sure that they totally embarrass them in front of the other guys. This was also the case and the guys decided to test his limits with a public session of cock sucking. By public we mean every single one of their frat bros was there ready to see some action. The poor guy ended up getting his mouth fucked by all the frat guys and drenched in jizz. To make it even more embarrassing the guy was completely naked while doing it. You gotta check out the entire haze him scene because as you know these fraternity gay guys don’t play around and each and every thing they are going to deliver their best work. Enjoy it and we’ll back with more hazehim scenes tomorrow!


Take a look at this guy sucking off a dick!

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