The Fuck Train

Are you familiar with the fuck train? No worries, the haze him guys will walk you thought the process but it’s really not that complicated. You can actually see it in the preview below, a bunch of guys fucking and getting fucked in the same time. A frat house is the perfect place to try this out and we think everyone of these guys will agree with us. Where are you going to find so many horny guys ready to get their ass slammed? There aren’t too many places but luckily the guys were willing enough to share the scene with us. It was all started this morning when one of the guys called someone to look at this computer. Shockingly there aren’t any guys around the haze him house what know how to fix a computer, so he had to call someone outside the house.

So while the guy was trying to fix his computer our guy had a completely different plan in mind and he was going to make it happen one way or another. It would be easier on him if he took the easiest way out but they never do. Everyone in that house knew that he was into dudes, so the guys were ruthless with him and one way or another the fuck train started. While our guy was busy fucking the computer guy, another guy started fucking his ass and that’s how you start a fuck train in the hazehim house hold. Enjoy it!


See this guy getting his ass pounded!