Haze Him Videos – College Fuck

For these haze him videos we wanted to bring you allot more than usual. We split this update in two as we have a pair of awesome movies for you to enjoy for tonight. The first one has a very horny and cock hungry pair of studs fucking in their private bedroom hard style. The two always seem to find time to spend fucking and this fine afternoon was just the usual for them. Watch them fucking hard core for your viewing pleasure guys. And be sure not to miss one second of the video, you’ll regret it later. You can also might take a look at other sexy twinks getting fucked in their tight assholes inside schoolboysecrets.org blog! Bye!

In the second part of this hot hazehim movies update we have another jerk of session featuring a pair of guys. The two told us that they regularly engage in this activity as they claim to make their cocks feel great. Well we believe them, how can’t a dick be unhappy when it’s stroked. Watch them jerk off furiously today guys and for one awesome finisher watch them as they blow their jizz loads all over their hot bodies. We hope you enjoyed as always and don’t forget to check out the past updates as well. See you soon with more content!

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Haze Him Video – College Dorm Fuck

This fresh week we have one sweet and hot haze him video all ready to be shown off. From this update forward we’ll be bringing you videos as well as pictures on a regular basis and you can bet we’re holding true to that. Hey we brought you some great gay content in every hazehim update so far didn’t we? Well before anything else let’s introduce these two hunks that are going to have some gay sex for your viewing pleasure today. They are named Andrew and Mike and both of them like to enjoy having some sex every day.

This time they can be found in their little college apartment as they spend the morning having a quick sex session. You know how it is, when the itch to fuck comes there’s little you can do except scratch it. So without further due, sit back and watch the two studs having sex. They start off by sucking one one another’s big dicks, but then one of the studs has to bend over and assume the receiving position. Watch him getting a balls deep anal pounding in the kitchen today guys and enjoy. See you next time with another video but until then you can check out http://nextdoortwink.org/ website if you are looking for similar content!


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Tortured and Abused

Today haze him brings you the gay sex adventures of the guys from dorm 5 from the university’s campus. This wild bunch of eight very hot hunks will grace your screens with the things they like to do every day. The group of horny college dudes plan on not holding back anything today, but they do have one thing they desperately want to show off for this scene. And you’ll see what we’re talking about in just a few minutes. The thing in question is a game that they personally invented and they will show it off to you guys today.

So as this little haze him fuck fest is about to begin three guys undress and get some blindfolds to start things off. Their game is named “Who put his cock in your mouth” and they enjoy playing it every day. It implies at least one guy getting blindfolded while the others take out their cocks and make him give them some nice blow jobs as he tries to guess who’s cock he’s sucking. Watch them taking turns planting their cocks in the three dudes’ mouths as they try to guess who their are sucking off. Enjoy guys and see you next time! Wanna see other hot guys getting nailed? Enter the kinky gay porn blog! Enjoy!


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HazeHim – Horny College Studs

Another great week and time for one more hazehim update. This time we have a dude that’s always enjoying his time going clubbing and picking up more hot and horny studs like him while he’s at it. He has a record of taking home guys and screwing them every night, so this time we wanted to put him to the test. His mission was to go to the club and pick up one hot dude, who is looking just like the guys from the papi cock videos,  and then take him home and fuck him just like he always does. So let’s see him go forth on his quest for tonight and see if he’s had any success by the end

Sure enough he managed to score a hot fraternity x stud and haze him with his good looks and charming nature. It didn’t take him long to be on his merry way back home with the guy and already he was planning his little fuck session with him. As they reach his place the guy locks the door behind them to not be disturbed and then proceeds to take of his new buddy’s pants off. Watch him suck some serious cock with his eager lips to the delight of that guy and enjoy. As always we’re going to see you with next weeks update just as usual.


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Haze Him Porn Scene

Today’s haze him porn update has two very sexy and eager studs as the poster dudes for this fine ass gallery today. This horny pair of studs like to always enjoy a quickie when they get the time to have one, and they never let anything stand in the way of their pleasure. For today they decided to go for a mid day walk around town and enjoy themselves. But as they suddenly felt horny they had to do something about that. So they decided to have a quick fuck behind some cargo containers and you get to see every detail of that.

One of the hazehim guys suddenly pulls the other behind the container as they start to kiss. And they continue to do so passionately while one of them pulls out his mighty cock for the other one to suck. You just have to see this hot gays fucking and the dude deep throating that cock balls deep everyone. Then when the cock is all nice and hard he bends over to present his buddy with his tight and eager ass for a god fucking. So watch as the dude takes one hard style pounding from his friend in this update. We hope you enjoyed guys and we’ll see you next week. Until then, you might visit the BreedMeRaw blog and see some gorgeous gay guys fucking senseless!


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Oiled and Abused

This week, haze him has for you another group of horny hunks getting wild for the cameras. The update has four guys that regularly like to enjoy their sex sessions all oiled up. And this fine day you get to see them work on their little fuck fest routine. It all started a good while ago when all four of them discovered a passion for oily gay sex and ever since the group is inseparable every time they want to fuck. So let’s take a look at this fie college boy physicals group of gents and see just how they like to enjoy spending their afternoons.

This little hazehim fuck fest with these four horny guys starts off with all of them dressed up and catching up to what they’ve been doing today. But as always they soon get very horny and turned on and they just have to do something about it. So they start to get naked and bust out the oily lotion for their session this afternoon. Enjoy seeing them engage in some hot man on man action today for this gay porn update guys. We’re certain that you’ll love this, after all who can’t love a man with all his body oiled up just for you? See you next week!


See this college hunk getting oiled and roughly abused!

HazeHim – Hardcore Action

Hey there once again everyone, it’s a brand new day and we have another hazehim gallery for you to see today. Continuing the updates with the fraternities taking in submissions, this time we have another initiation party for you to see. The masters of the fraternity seemed to have gotten some new recruits and since they were too many they had to have a tie breaker. So they appointed a judge, that would get to have his dick sucked and get to fuck some asses to decide who’s in and who’s out this time from this straight guys.

In the beginning of the haze him scene he lines the three guys that wanted to join up, and told them straight off to take off their clothes for him. Watch them as they obey his every word and then go sit by the wall as the judge will call each and every one of them separately to be tested by him today. For the first guy that comes the dude has some which expectations and you just have to see him fuck that tight ass this fine night. The same treatment goes for all the guys in the end for you to enjoy. Stay tuned guys we’ll be back next week!


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Haze Him – Jerking Off in Public

One more fresh week and time for another superb haze him update to be shown to you guys. This week we have for you one wild sex party that seemed to have devolved into a very interesting competition between all of the guys that were there. The competition itself was about who could last longer while jerking off. And extra prizes would go for the guys that would blow their big loads all over themselves today. So let’s not waste any more time, and watch them do their little jerk of festivity today. We guarantee you’ll just love this gay sex scene.

It all started when one of the hazehim guys decided to start off a bet in regards to jerking off. And soon enough he had some company, in the end being three very horny dudes that were upside down and ready to start stroking their fat cocks for your viewing pleasure. We won’t disclose who won in the end, that honor we want to leave to you to see. But you can rest assured that all of the guys ended up all covered in jizz and panting from their furious masturbation session in this afternoon. Enjoy guys and see you next week!


Check out these studs getting forced to jerk off in public!

Forced Blowjobs

Today haze him brings you another superb gallery. This time we have for you the little initiation party from one of the fraternities on a university campus. This fine day you’ll get to see three guys being put to the test to see if they have what it takes to be accepted in the ranks of these jocks. Well we don’t really want to spoil anything but you can expect to see lots of guys sucking on lots of cocks in this Czech hunter update, and doing a fine job of it as well. So without further due, sit back and relax, and watch this superb hazehim picture collection guys.

As the shooting starts, three guys can be seen being taken into a special room where they’d be put to the test by the grand masters of the little gay order. Then you’ll get to see each and every one of these hunks, as he kneels down to suck some serious cock from his seniors. And there’s only one of them that’s going to be getting admission. Just so you know, the one that got admitted was the one willing to take a jizz load to the face and not complain about it. We’re hoping this was to your liking and we’ll have more for you soon.


See these college studs getting forced to suck a fat cock! 

Haze Him – Sloppy blowjob

For this superb haze him update we have another pair of horny hunks enjoying a nice day outside. The two guys in question are very good buddies, and they usually take trips together to have some fun times. But what most people don’t know is that these two regularly organize their outings with a purpose. They always want some intimacy to engage in their little gay sex routines, just like the guys from the Twink Bareback blog, and no one needs to find out about this. For this little vacation the guys went to do some skiing for their fee weekend. So let’s watch them enjoy themselves.

They do spend some time having the regular fun that every one was having, but you know that our haze him guys always need some cock. So they soon retreat to a more secluded place to enjoy some private moments. The guy with the white hat kneels down, and pulls out his buddy’s cock out to start sucking on it. And you just have to see that blonde guy go to town on the meat pole. Watch him deep throat that dick with a passion today guys. We hope you’ll like it and rest assured we’ll be having more again next time! Come inside islandstuds.org blog if you wanna take a look at other sexy studs jerking off and sucking their big cocks! have fun!


Watch here this college hunk offering a sloppy blowjob!

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