Haze Him – Good Cumrag

Well, the name says it all! Haze him until he becomes a cum rag and that’s what the guys did with him. The poor guy got drenched with jizz by his frat bros. This sure was a really fun night around the frat house and you get to see it all in the picture gallery below. The guys decided to play some games around the house and their first choice was a ball championship, keep in mind that this is all these guys really know how to do. The fight was tight but the loser was going to have a hell of a night. The guys that lost had to get jizzed by the entire frat house, every single that played. So yeah the stakes were kind of high and everyone wanted to win.

The cum rug that you see below wasn’t that lucky that night and now he had to accept defeat and receive his punishment. We told you this one is going to be fun. First of all the loser had to got through the winner first and he couldn’t just let him leave without hammering his ass and then the rest of the guys joined him. Right there on that bed all the guys made sure they dumped their loads on him. We weren’t messing around when we told you guys that he is a good cum rug, if you don’t believe us check out the entire hazehim gallery to see it for yourself. See you next time!


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