HazeHim – Hardcore Action

Hey there once again everyone, it’s a brand new day and we have another hazehim gallery for you to see today. Continuing the updates with the fraternities taking in submissions, this time we have another initiation party for you to see. The masters of the fraternity seemed to have gotten some new recruits and since they were too many they had to have a tie breaker. So they appointed a judge, that would get to have his dick sucked and get to fuck some asses to decide who’s in and who’s out this time from this straight guys.

In the beginning of the haze him scene he lines the three guys that wanted to join up, and told them straight off to take off their clothes for him. Watch them as they obey his every word and then go sit by the wall as the judge will call each and every one of them separately to be tested by him today. For the first guy that comes the dude has some which expectations and you just have to see him fuck that tight ass this fine night. The same treatment goes for all the guys in the end for you to enjoy. Stay tuned guys we’ll be back next week!


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