Wash Our Pledges

These new guys just can’t catch a break if last time they haze him, now they give a good old fashion wash to all the new pledges. These poor guys are slaves around the house, they have to do all the dirty work around there. If they don’t, they have the leave the house, so it’s really up to them, depending how much to they want to live there. For today the guys found a new chore for the pledges to do. It was hot outside so they asked them to wash their cars, naked. The best way to do it! The haze him guys did their part but right when they were about to finish the older brothers came to see how they were doing and they weren’t too impressed with their work.

They had to show them so they gave the freshmen a wash instead. They were already butt naked, so they just bend them, one by one, on the car and started washing their fine asses in the middle of the drive way. But they didn’t get away with it so easily. Seeing them like that, naked, bent over with full access to their asses, they just couldn’t leave them there without a good ass fucking session. So yeah you can say it was a pretty busy day at the hazehim frat house. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more frat gay sex scenes!


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Haze Him – Good Cumrag

Well, the name says it all! Haze him until he becomes a cum rag and that’s what the guys did with him. The poor guy got drenched with jizz by his frat bros. This sure was a really fun night around the frat house and you get to see it all in the picture gallery below. The guys decided to play some games around the house and their first choice was a ball championship, keep in mind that this is all these guys really know how to do. The fight was tight but the loser was going to have a hell of a night. The guys that lost had to get jizzed by the entire frat house, every single that played. So yeah the stakes were kind of high and everyone wanted to win.

The cum rug that you see below wasn’t that lucky that night and now he had to accept defeat and receive his punishment. We told you this one is going to be fun. First of all the loser had to got through the winner first and he couldn’t just let him leave without hammering his ass and then the rest of the guys joined him. Right there on that bed all the guys made sure they dumped their loads on him. We weren’t messing around when we told you guys that he is a good cum rug, if you don’t believe us check out the entire hazehim gallery to see it for yourself. See you next time!


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The Fuck Train

Are you familiar with the fuck train? No worries, the haze him guys will walk you thought the process but it’s really not that complicated. You can actually see it in the preview below, a bunch of guys fucking and getting fucked in the same time. A frat house is the perfect place to try this out and we think everyone of these guys will agree with us. Where are you going to find so many horny guys ready to get their ass slammed? There aren’t too many places but luckily the guys were willing enough to share the scene with us. It was all started this morning when one of the guys called someone to look at this computer. Shockingly there aren’t any guys around the haze him house what know how to fix a computer, so he had to call someone outside the house.

So while the guy was trying to fix his computer our guy had a completely different plan in mind and he was going to make it happen one way or another. It would be easier on him if he took the easiest way out but they never do. Everyone in that house knew that he was into dudes, so the guys were ruthless with him and one way or another the fuck train started. While our guy was busy fucking the computer guy, another guy started fucking his ass and that’s how you start a fuck train in the hazehim house hold. Enjoy it!


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Haze Him – Frat Guy

This guy is going to remember his visit here at haze him for a really long time. It’s been a while since we last saw a straight guy around here blowing dicks. He came over for the weekend to visit some of his friends and things didn’t go as expected, and they were really far from that. His buddies wanted to mess with him so they told him to go to the frat house and sleep there. They told him that the guys are really nice and that they will meet first thing the next morning.

He didn’t have a choice, his friends had the room packed so he went to the frat house. Once he got there it seemed a bit weird that there wasn’t even a girl around there. He saw guys jerking off their dicks in the middle of the living room in front of other guys. This really was a weird frat house for his taste. He told the guys that he needed a place to crash for the night and that he is willing to pay. The hazehim guys didn’t take his money but they had a different payment method in mind. Once the guy was settled in some of the guys went to his room. Besides dirty talking one of them started getting more and more physical until the guy took his clothes off. Well, a funny jock ended up being a first-time ass fuck for our guy here and he had a hell of a first time!


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Lot Of Cocks

You already know that haze him in the best place to find lots of cocks. Well, this guy got to blow them all last night over a dumb bet that he lost. The guys were checking out a game on TV and to make things more interesting they placed a bet. Although it was such an easy bet, apparently the new guy isn’t that much into sports but you gotta appreciate his hustle. Even though there were three guys betting against him he still stood by his option. Not the smartest move but still you have to give the guy credit for his self-confidence. Maybe the same self-confidence will help him with blowing their dicks now after he lost. This bet was so unfair and the rest of the guys knew that but they weren’t going to pass on a blowjob.

We gotta give it to them, these bets sure make watching sports a lot more fun. The best part is that they don’t bet on money and this way everyone gets something out of it. We get to see another hot freshman sucking off dicks and then taking them up his ass and the rest of the guys well they get to have this guy sucking off their dicks and then dumping their loads on him. Lots of cocks always mean lots and lots of action for us. Here you are going to find some of the nastiest real gay sex scenes and these hazehim guys don’t play around. Until next time make sure you enjoy the latest scene!


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Haze Him – Catching Cum

This freshman is for the first time here at haze him and we can’t wait to see him again. Being the new guy in the house can be a bit hard but if you like sucking dicks and getting jizzed this shouldn’t be a problem. Well, this guy couldn’t wait to get away from home and do whatever he wants and you can see why. The first he does once he got on the campus? Joining the biggest gay fraternity there. He knew that this was the right place for him, finally, he could be open about it and get laid as often as he wants. If only all the guys would be more like him. With this guy it’s so easy, no chasing, no punishments, he really loves getting fucked and jizzed on a daily basis.

If you checked out some of the older hazehim updates, you already know that this is all that happens around their frat house. Needless to say, the guy got everything he wished for and a bit more. The guys made him feel welcomed the best way they could and that involved blowjobs, ass fucking, threesomes, foursomes, and, of course, gangbangs. He became the house bitch in no time, they never heard him say no to someone, no matter the day of the hour. This guy surely will is on his way to becoming one of our favorite. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!


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It’s Fratty

Haze him is back with more frat sex scenes for you guys. One of the older guys got to try out one of the new guys and he couldn’t let him go without banging his fine little ass. These older guys really enjoy playing around with the new guys and test them out. From all the guys around the house, there was something about this one that caught his eye and he knew that he had to have him one way or other. He found out that he was having some problems so he decided to give him a hand with his problems maybe that would smooth things up between them and he was right. The guy way so grateful for all his help and now it was so much easier to get in his pants.

We told you that these hazehim guys always get what they want. Everything happened last night, after everyone went to they room, the cute new guy got a special visit. His room mate was gone so they had the room all for themselves. For the first time he didn’t want to share his fine ass with the rest of the guys. He undressed the rookie, bend him over the red couch and started stuffing his ass. He finally got what he wanted and you guys can check it out in the picture gallery below to see everything that went down there. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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Haze Him – Ass Up

Our haze him guys had to do some community work but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun with it. The three hunks spend most of the time dildo fucking and nailing their asses instead of doing the actual work. This is what happen when you are a complete douche bag and talk trash to everyone around you, especially your teachers. The three hunks have been told a million time to stop it but they kept getting worst and worst so the dean send them to this farm to help around. They could use some help so this seemed the perfect punishment. Well, the guys didn’t see it the same way, that week off meant no school and a lot of time to fuck around. Yes, they live a pretty good life, we know!


They definitely weren’t going to move a thing around there. The hazehim guys over there put the in charge with feeding the animals but as you can see that didn’t go as plan either. These guys just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Once these guys get started you know it’s going to be something great. If you want real gay sex you are in the right place because these guys had a blast banging and blowing their dicks in that farm and we strongly believe that they’ve learned their lesson. We doubt it’s anything related to their behavior but they still got to experiment a lot of things. So make sure you check it out!

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Haze Him – Wrestle Time

Nothing compares to a nice outdoor party. Great weather, lots of beers, a pool and all the haze him guys completely naked wrestling in that pool. These guys fight all the time, but we gotta give it to them, the are creative when it comes to solve them. No one actually knows what started it but their solving method got to us all. Everyone butt naked in the pool wrestling, well there’s an image that will stick with you for a while at least it’s going to stay with us for a bit. Like we said earlier everyone was naked in the improvised pool, and they had to wrestle one another, the first to fall had to blow the winner’s dick. This wrestling thing is getting more and more interesting right? We told you that these guys love playing games and the best part is that they share it with us.

We told you that these guys are on top of their game. The jocks kept of falling one after another so get ready to see a lot of dicks getting sucked off and asses getting pounded. Nothing is going to slow them down and when these guys want something they’re gonna get it one way or another. After their wrestle match was over the winners got their prize and the losers got their little asses stuffed in the backyard of the fraternity house. Enjoy the entire scene below and don’t forget to return for more steamy scenes!


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Fraternity Threesome

These haze him guys never miss the chance to nail their asses, no matter the place or the hour. These new guys got in a fight in the middle of the hallway and decided to settle it down right there. They’ve dared one another to have a public threesome and everyone of them kept his part. It’s not that there isn’t a lot of fucking around the house already, but these guys decided to fuck their asses in the middle of the hallway now everyone had to wait until they were done to go downstairs. The good part is that they put on a great show and you guys, as usual get to see it all. They were ruthless to one another, so don’t expect to see to something else than intense ass stuffing.

This is one of the best fraternity threesome we’ve seen around here in a while. We gotta give it to the youngsters they did a pretty good job and didn’t stop even when they were surrounded by the other fraternity brother. The haze him jocks continued stuffing their holes and blowing their dicks regardless of who was watching them in action. Below you got a little preview of their fucking marathon but you can see the entire scene by following the link. You gotta see them and their male blowout doll in action below. Enjoy it and make sure you return for even more fraternity gay porn!


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