Tortured and Abused

Today haze him brings you the gay sex adventures of the guys from dorm 5 from the university’s campus. This wild bunch of eight very hot hunks will grace your screens with the things they like to do every day. The group of horny college dudes plan on not holding back anything today, but they do have one thing they desperately want to show off for this scene. And you’ll see what we’re talking about in just a few minutes. The thing in question is a game that they personally invented and they will show it off to you guys today.

So as this little haze him fuck fest is about to begin three guys undress and get some blindfolds to start things off. Their game is named “Who put his cock in your mouth” and they enjoy playing it every day. It implies at least one guy getting blindfolded while the others take out their cocks and make him give them some nice blow jobs as he tries to guess who’s cock he’s sucking. Watch them taking turns planting their cocks in the three dudes’ mouths as they try to guess who their are sucking off. Enjoy guys and see you next time! Wanna see other hot guys getting nailed? Enter the kinky gay porn blog! Enjoy!


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