Wash Our Pledges

These new guys just can’t catch a break if last time they haze him, now they give a good old fashion wash to all the new pledges. These poor guys are slaves around the house, they have to do all the dirty work around there. If they don’t, they have the leave the house, so it’s really up to them, depending how much to they want to live there. For today the guys found a new chore for the pledges to do. It was hot outside so they asked them to wash their cars, naked. The best way to do it! The haze him guys did their part but right when they were about to finish the older brothers came to see how they were doing and they weren’t too impressed with their work.

They had to show them so they gave the freshmen a wash instead. They were already butt naked, so they just bend them, one by one, on the car and started washing their fine asses in the middle of the drive way. But they didn’t get away with it so easily. Seeing them like that, naked, bent over with full access to their asses, they just couldn’t leave them there without a good ass fucking session. So yeah you can say it was a pretty busy day at the hazehim frat house. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more frat gay sex scenes!


Watch these guys getting their asses washed and fucked!